St Francis Pre-school
St Francis Pre-school

                Welcome to St. Francis Pre-school!

      OFSTED Rated Outstanding in all areas January 2015


                        WEDNESDAY 19 APRIL 2017     

                                     SUMMER TERM 2017




St Francis Pre-School, in South Ascot, Berkshire offers a highest standard of education and care for children between 2 years 9 months and 5 years old.


The Pre-school is a registered charity, run for the benefit of its children.

The Pre-school is OFSTED registered and is affiliated to the Pre-school Learning Alliance.



Our approach

Our mission statement is

"To enhance the curiosity, imagination and fun of childhood"

We do this by providing a safe, friendly and stimulating environment in which children can learn through playing and having fun, exploring and making mistakes and developing friendships.

Ofsted said:

The quality of teaching is exceptional because the staff have indepth knowledge of how children learn. Staff complete comprehensive assessments and plan effectively for individual children, to ensure they make extremely good progress in their learning....


Staff plan and organise an exciting environment....this means children are curious and engage for sustained periods as they investigate and figure out how things work


Excellent leadership and management drive improvement.........


Partnerships with parents are excellent...

Our staff

Your child will benefit from our staff's experience and educational training.

We have a small, well established team providing continuity and a sense of family and community 


What do they get up to?

A typical daily routine for your child at St. Francis Pre-school.


Every day the children have access to a wide range of toys and activities. These are designed to provide opportunities for the children to experience and develop in the statutory 7 areas of learning. During the free-play periods of each session the children can choose whether to play inside or outside, they can select what and with whom they play. Staff provide a number of curriculum specific activities for them to choose from and are on hand to assist in anything the children wish to initiate or develop further.


Each session includes a period of group activity, either outside in the large field and wooded space available to us, or in the school hall . At this time the children have the opportunity to develop their physical skills, playing with sport and gym equipment as well as running, climbing, balancing, exploring and making dens.


Every session has some adult led time, to develop the children's listening and concentration skills. This will include small group activites with the key group leaders focussing on the learning needs of individual children and large group time when they will enjoy such activities as singing, making or moving to music, story listening or enactment; telling of news or just register time.


The morning session includes a snack time and the afternoon session a formal lunch time. These are opportunities for the children to develop conversational skills, their table and eating skills  and to learn about healthy eating. Very often their snacks will reflect something they have learnt that day and often they make their own  snacks.


The routine for the day is always flexible to allow us to take opportunities which will increase the children's experiences. We have visitors to the setting such as Air ambulance, police, children's authors, vets and dentists. We go on outings to the theatre, for walks and major summer outings. For two weeks every year we look after "Living Eggs" watch them hatch and look after the chicks until they get their feathers. We also make regular visits to the Forest School in Windsor Great Park to develop outdoor learning.

We are also keen for parents and families to contribute to the children's learning so we invite them in regularly to share their interests and skills with us. This includes anything from celebrating a traditional festival, playing the flute, gardening or making chutney.


Our aim is to "To enhance the curiosity, imagination and fun of childhood"