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Funding and Fees


Since September 2017, parents enjoy a number of different ways in which they can pay for their child’s attendance at St. Francis Pre-School. Eligibility for the different options apply (see links), they include:

  • 15 hours’ government funding for every child the term after they turn 3

  • 30 hours’ government funding for some children whose families qualify for extended funding, the term after they turn 3

  • Tax free childcare

  • Childcare vouchers

  • Where applicable, fee payments staggered on a termly basis


We have frozen our sessional fees at £18.00 per three-hour session, which places us competitively amongst other local early years settings. Fees are payable for all children until the term after they turn three – St. Francis Pre-School accepts children as young as 2 years and 6 months.


We currently do not charge for extras within the Pre-School day (e.g – snacks), but extra events may require a parental contribution such as the Christmas outing or weekly sports sessions. The Pre-School Committee aims to keep any such costs to a minimum, and no child will be excluded from an activity on the basis of hardship.


We are happy to support you in working out the best option for your family.

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