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Gallery & Testimonials


Parent Testimonials

"I highly recommend St. Francis Pre-School. Although tough, it was the best decision to move my daughter from her previous nursery setting to this preschool.   At her previous setting we had tears, tantrums and I had to prize her from my leg at drop off on a daily basis.  Thanks to the fantastic staff and structure; she has taken to her new school almost immediately and now asks me as soon as she wakes up to go to school!  We are so proud of her development - both emotionally and academically.  Thank you St. Francis Pre-School."    2019

“Brilliant pre-school. Very welcoming staff and lovely surroundings. My son has settled in amazingly”.   2017


“This is a brilliant pre school. My son has been very happy here since the first day. The teachers and setting are fantastic and he loves all the activities, particularly the sports sessions, Living Eggs, Forest School trips etc…. I know how easily the children transition to Infant School from the preschool. They have the perfect blend of encouraging independence whilst also acknowledging how young the children are”.   2017


“Fantastic Preschool! Both my children absolutely love the preschool, they have wonderful teachers that truly care about their pupils and their individual needs. The staff are very dedicated and are always looking at ways of improving what they do, I would definitely recommend this preschool to everybody”.  2017

“I was so surprised how easily my two children made the transition from nursery to St Francis pre-school and that is all down to the staff and the fun atmosphere they create within the pre-school. Attending the pre-school also helped my daughter to transition really easily into Reception class at St Francis primary school. I highly recommend this pre-school- my third is already signed up for 2020!!”.   2017

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